Interview Must Do's

 We just returned from the FPA NorCal Annual Conference and there is a lot of excitement and interest remains high in hiring newer Next Generation of Financial Planner types.  In addition to the interview prep tips below, you should always research the firm’s ADV and staff bios, especially if you know ahead of time they are going to be interviewing you!
List of the Month: Interview Must-Dos
Don't forget about these interview basics. ...
Jun 1

Get Your Resume Noticed

Last month, the CFP Board of Standards released updated guidelines for the work experience requirement for the CFP® certification - essentially creating a fast track to certification by reducing the experience requirement from 3 years to 2 years if certain circumstances are met. Click here for more information. ...
May 1

Handling Criticism

List of the Month: Handling Criticism 
Managers occasionally have to come down hard on their employees to keep things running smoothly. Don't take it personally.
1. If you are under constant scrutiny, step back and evaluate the validity of what is being said. ...
Apr 1

Effective Job Seeking

List of the Month: How to passively job search 
Stealthy is the name of the game when it comes to looking for a job on the sly. If you don't heed these tips, your boss could find out you're looking behind their back. And then you'll really need to find a new job. ...
Mar 1

Work Life Balance Tips

List of the Month:
Keys for a healthy work life balance
You can achieve it; you just (ironically) may have to work at it.
1. Figure out what you can say no to.
2. Choose hobbies that complement your passions.
3. Evaluate what the best balance is for you. ...
Jan 1