Unconventional Career Tips

List of the Month: Soft Skills 
Getting a job offer is often more about soft skills than technical proficiencies. Here are three important ones.

The ability to listen.
A positive demeanor.

(Source: AOL Jobs) ...
Apr 1

Dealing with Difficult Bosses

For those that are seeking your first position in wealth management, check out this recent article in Fast Company
List of the Month: Bad Boss
Not getting along with your boss? Don’t sit there and let it eat at you. ...
Mar 1

Skills for a Stellar Financial Planner

The Core Skills of a Stellar Financial Planner  
by Ed Jacobson, PhD 
I recently facilitated a conversation about key skills and qualities of successful financial planners, during a teleconference of FPA's Practitioner Advisory Council. ...
Feb 1

New Year's Resolution

Whether you are employed or are seeking employment here is a list of New Year’s resolutions for you to set the stage for a great 2013!

I will strive to increase my maturity and professionalism so that I perform beyond my years. ...
Jan 1

Maximizing Your Career Progression

10 Tips for New Financial Planners to Maximize Their Career Progression. Click here for the full article:
List of the Month: Getting Promoted It will be easier if you keep these things in mind. 
1. Don't lump your problems onto your boss's lap. ...
Dec 1

Job Search Advice

List of the Month: Job Search Advice
Here are a few quick pointers to maximize the time you spend searching for a job. 

Don’t shotgun blast job applications. Find the best roles for you and tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly.
Social media may be your best job search tool. ...
Nov 1

Getting Ahead in Year One

 I just returned from The Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) annual conference in San Antonio where there were lots of job seekers and firms looking to hire. If you aren’t familiar with FPA, I encourage you to check them out at www.fpanet. ...
Oct 1

Are You Overqualified

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! If you didn’t see this article in the Wall Street Journal, we encourage you to read it to be further aware of how other generations perceive Gen Y.  Let us know what you think - is this an accurate portrayal of Gen Y?
List of the Month: Overqualified? 
If you've ever been told you're overqualified for a job, it could mean a few things. ...
Sep 1

Advancing Your Career

We just returned from the NexGen Gathering in St. Cloud, MN and spent a weekend with some of the best and brightest young planners in the country. If you aren’t familiar or haven’t attended, we encourage you to consider attending the only conference created by younger planners for younger planners next year. ...
Aug 1

Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

We hope you enjoyed celebrating America’s 236th birthday!  We are thankful for all of those in the past and present who have fought and died for the founding of our country and protection of the freedoms we enjoy today. It is because of these Americans that we get to do what we love every day, not the other way around as so often portrayed. ...
Jul 1