Tis' the Season: Part II

Last month we looked at a few different ways to set yourself apart. Here are two additional tips for you as you network with employers.

1. The Resume 

You want to make sure that your resume is updated before you start handing it out to professionally dressed strangers. Spend time making sure it looks clean, spell-check it, play around with the margins and font sizes, spell-check it, have it critiqued at your campus career center, or by a friend, and seriously spell-check it. A simple typo or a missing word can make the resume look sloppy. Employers, have hundreds of resumes to look through. When scanning through resumes, a mistake stands out and you don’t want employers thinking that you didn’t even review your resume before handing it out. From my experience, it is never anything major either. It is simple typos or using the wrong word, for example: roll instead of role, there instead of their.

2. Practice to Prepare

To show an employer that you are a good fit for their firm, you have to first know what the firm is about, their mission and philosophy. And this might sound crazy, but the best way to show that you know what you are talking about it to actually know what you are talking about. Fulton J. Sheen gives this great analogy on preparing, he said, “As in breathing, there is always more oxygen outside of the body than that which is taken in by the lungs, so the knowledge that one has on a certain subject must be far greater than that which is imparted.” So although you might forget this or that point that you wanted to talk about, you should always know more than is necessary and pull from that accumulated information to take its place. So as long as you prepare and practice, you will do great!

Oct 1