Tis' the Season

It’s that time of the year again. Candidates are spell-checking their resumes, campus career centers are booked, and recruiters are on the road. It’s career fairs and interviews season. Here are two quick tips to stand out as a candidate in a career fair and during an interview. 

1. Dress Professionally

It’s important to dress professionally when you go to a career fair. Imagine a movie projector, it could be the most high tech movie projector there is, it has high definition and blue ray, capabilities. Well if the operator of that projector only screened black and white movies from the 50’s. The projector would not be showing its full potential. Viewers would leave the theater saying, “I know everyone says that the projector is great and I want to believe it, but I wasn’t convinced.” Whereas, if the projector showed something like Inception or The Dark Knight Rises, it would be able to show off its high definition power and all that it’s capable of. Bringing it back to the career fair, of you don’t dress professionally, you won’t be projecting what you are capable of.

2. Research and Take Notes

Before stepping foot into the career fair, do research, take notes, and have questions prepared. Review, print out, and keep in hand a copy of the company’s ADV, that’s their Advisory Disclosure Vet. This can be found on the SEC website. Employers are impressed when they can literally see that you have done your research. Next, take notes during your conversation. Carry a pen and something to write on with you where ever you go, especially at career fairs, during interviews, and on the job itself. Employers love it when they see you taking notes. This shows them that you are paying attention and you value what they are saying. Although, you don’t want your face glued to the notepad the entire conversation. Once you find that balance between being engaged in the conversation and jotting down some key points you’ll be good to go.

Stay tuned for next month’s article for several more tips on how to WOW! employers.

Sep 1