How to Become More Marketable

The key to finding a great position with a growing financial planning firm is to make yourself as marketable as possible. One of the ways you can do this, especially if you are looking at the Fee-Only RIA channel, is to obtain the Series 65. The Series 65 will qualify you as an Investment Advisor Representative. You do not need a sponsor to take the Series 65. The exam consists of 130 questions and the fee is $155. You can learn more about the Series 65 via the link below. The exam is not as difficult as the CFP® examination, but you will still need to spend some time preparing. See the link to Kaplan's review solutions below as well. 

Doing this makes you much more marketable because you can begin, providing investment advice immediately upon joining an existing RIA, but more importantly it reduces a firm owner's risk, to a certain degree, who might hire you as it shows you have gone above and beyond the minimum and have shown initiative which they desperately seek in new hires.

Finally, there are undergrads in the various CFP programs who are graduating with their Series 65 and once word spreads this will eventually become a minimum standard for a new planner entry level financial hire candidate looking to go the Fee-Only route.

To learn more about the Series 65 exam click here:

Check out Kaplan's Series 65 review solution here:


List of the Month: Career Hurdles

Most everyone trips over a career hurdle at some point. When you fall down, do this to pick yourself back up.

  1. Revisit your failure with objective eyes.
  2. Learn from those who survived theirs.
  3. Accept yours and move on.

(Source: The Daily Muse

Feb 1