Guidelines for a Productive Summer

If you are seeking to enter private wealth management, and/or a soon to be college graduate or career changer here are some tips for maximizing your summer to position yourself for the best possible opportunities. 

1. Secure an internship or at least a job shadow a few financial planners in your area.

2. Review the job listings at www. and become familiar with the software programs that independent firms utilize. Then contact the vendors to secure a free trial and practice data entry, running reports and creating basic "what if" scenarios.

3. Take summer classes, possibly non financial planning electives, so you can focus on your financial planning courses during the normal semester when it is not as condensed.

4. Participate in counseling programs such as VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and Peer Financial Counseling such as If you don't have access to these programs, consider any type of volunteer work in the profession, career counseling, etc. to give you experience helping people make decisions.

5. Finally, attend any/all industry conferences you can . If there is a financial constraint, contact your local Financial Planning Association (FPA) or National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) chapter and ask for a reduced or complimentary registration. (FYI, there are many scholarships to these events.)  I would also strongly consider attending the FPA NexGen Annual Gathering  It is the gathering of the best and brightest young financial planners in the country and happens only once per year. It is affordable and held over a weekend to accommodate your schedule and wallet.

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